1 april 2014

DE STAAT wins Edison Award.

Yesterday night De Staat’s I_CON has won the Edison Award for „Best Rock Album”. The Edisons are the industry’s awards for last year’s outstanding albums.

I_CON has been released in September 2013. The album was mixed by Vance Powell (Jack White, Third Man Records) in Nashville. One of the tracks, DOWNT TOWN, has been included in EA’s FIFA 2014.

Torre Florim, frontman from De Staat as well as producer and composer of the band, explicitly took his time in his speech to thank all people who have worked on the album. He also made a plea for the online visibility of album credits. „I would like to know who the producer is of the music that I am listening to, or if [Dutch artist] Jett Rebel really played all instruments himself. Is it really so hard to make these credits visible in iTunes, Spotify, etc..? It really matters.”

Next week another exciting night for De Staat, since national radio station 3FM has nominated them for three awards: Best Band, Best Album, Best Rock Band. De Staat will performing on this Award Night as well with a 20 mins set, broadcast on national TV. Edison